2019 was a great year for creativity. Here we round up the cream of the 2019 crop to showcase them in all of their glory….

Guinness Clear

Guinness launched a genius campaign ahead of the Six Nations in 2019 to encourage responsible drinking. If you were wondering how to sex up a pint of water, wonder no more. The ad campaign ran with the slogans ‘available from all good taps nationwide’ to promote drinking in moderation.

Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer, Baileys and Smirnoff at Diageo said “At Guinness, responsible drinking is something we take very seriously,”

“With the launch of Guinness Six Nations we wanted to ensure we delivered this important message to sports fans in a compelling way and so Guinness Clear was born.”

 Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

2019 was a great year for Vegan fast food, with McDonald’s, KFC, Costa and Subway increasing their offerings and shouting about it in their advertising. However there was one campaign that stood out from the crowd when Greggs launched their vegan sausage roll.

Greggs share of voice rocketed from 17% to 71% against its’ competitors during launch week, and it grew it’s social community by 23%. They also won the crown of Marketing Week’s Masters Brand of the Year for their quirky campaign, which likened the delicious pastry to an iPhone product launch.

British Army

The British Army launched a brilliant campaign to tackle today’s stereotypes head on and appeal to a wide audience. They combined the traditional ‘We Need You’ campaigns of yesteryear with modern themes to make these ads.

Although the ads created some backlash, they were deemed a success with applications to join the British Army doubling in the first month of the campaign.

Sometimes ads do have to skate close to the edge and touch some nerves to generate debate and increased engagement. The British Army embraced the logic that you’ll never please everyone, so you may as well ruffle some feathers and make an impact.

The Times

There was one big topic on everyone’s minds throughout 2019 and that was Brexit. The Times harnessed the power of this to their advantage with their campaign across the TFL network.

Westminster Station was renamed ‘Westminster Jungle’, with The Times offering to guide us through the chaos that is British Politics. Timely and effective to catch the attention of busy commuters in the Capital.

What were your favourite marketing campaigns of 2019? Comment below.