New Year – New Tactics

Nothing stays still in the world of marketing, so it’s time to review your strategy. The latest 2021 digital marketing survey results are full of mind-blowing stats you shouldn’t ignore.

Here’s a roundup of the hottest advertising stats to help shape your 2022 digital marketing plan:

2022 Digital Marketing Survey Results


  1. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic – 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

  2. Product videos in digital marketing can increase sales by over 140%.

  3. Over 50% of consumers want to see more videos from brands that they follow.

  4. Over 80% of digital marketers use video as a content marketing tool.

  5. 85% of videos on Facebook are played without sound.

  6. Videos on Facebook are 5x are likely to be watched on a phone.

  7. The average user will spend 88% more time on a website with video content.

  8.  A shopper who watches a video is nearly two times more likely to convert than a shopper who doesn’t.

  9. An overwhelming majority of people (94%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being swayed to make a purchase. (Wyzowl, 2021)


  1. Social media use amongst senior citizens is up 66% in the last five years, increasing to 45% overall. (Pew Research)

  2. Facebook usage among teens is dropping gradually. While 71% of teens claimed to use the platform in 2015, the number has now dropped to 67%. (GlobalWebIndex)

  3. 47% of people read between three and five pieces of content before arranging a conversation with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report)

  4. Consumers see 5,000 digital marketing ads every single day.


14. Mobile advertising spending is expected to surpass $240 billion dollars by 2022. (Statista)

15. Mobile devices now drive over 52% of web traffic and account for nearly two out of every three minutes online. (Blue Corona)

16. The average person spends 70% of their digital media time on a mobile device. (Marketing Land)

17. 98.3% of Facebook users access the social platform on mobile devices.


18. Facebook had 1.93 billion daily active users in Q3 2021. (Statista)

19. Video ads in digital marketing perform better than other ad formats on Facebook. (DataBox)

20. 98.3% of Facebook users access the platform on mobile devices. (Statista)

21. The best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday at 11 AM and 1-2 PM. Sundays show the least amount of traffic. (Sprout Social)


  1. Google processes more than 40,000 search queries every second on average. That’s over 3.5 billion searches every day!

  2. Google Shopping ads account for 76% of retail search ad spend, and 85.3% of all clicks.

  3. PPC digital marketing ads can boost brand awareness by 80%.

  4. 65% of all high-intent searches bring in a PPC ad click.

  5. Online shoppers are 80% more likely to visit a brick-and-mortar store if they can check their inventory online.

  6. 28% of “nearby” or “near me” searches end in a purchase.

  7. 88% of mobile users who search for a store on Google Maps visit a related store within a week – and 76% visit within a week.


  1. As of October 2021, 4.55 billion people are active on social media. (Kepios)

  2. The best time to post for high engagement on Instagram and Facebook is during the middle of the weekdays (Monday-Friday), around 10 am to 4 pm.

  3. Instagram has 84x more engagement than Twitter and 10x more than Facebook.

  4. 75% of marketers say that their social media efforts have resulted in an increase in traffic.

  5. Influencer Marketing is Growing (34% Said it was at the top of the list for marketing investments)


34. In a 2021 HubSpot Blog poll, 58% of marketers plan to leverage Instagram Reels in 2022. (Hubspot)

35. 64% of Instagram users are under the age of 34. (Statista)

36. 90% of people on Instagram follow a business – existing users are a key part of 2022 digital marketing. (Instagram)


37. TikTok announced that it had passed the 1 billion monthly active user figure in September 2021.

38. More than one billion videos are viewed on TikTok each day.

39. TikTok ranks sixth among apps for consumer spending worldwide. (Hootsuite)

40. Users aged between 18 to 24 account for about 45% of TikTok’s global reach.

41. TikTok guarantees five million daily impressions for brand takeover ads. (Hootsuite)


42. The number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024. (Statista)

43. Personalised subject lines in email outreach increased the unique open rates by 27% and lead to an 11% higher click-to-open rate. Experian Marketing Services

44. For every $1 dollar marketers spend on email marketing, they receive an average ROI of $42. Litmus

45. Tuesday and Thursday are the Best Days to Send Emails. (Benchmark Email)


46. Websites that have a blog attract 55% more traffic (Quick Sprout)

47. Blogs are among the primary three forms of media used in content strategies today. (Hubspot)

48. The average blog post contains 1269 words according to online blog resources.

49. As of early 2021, 54.8% of internet traffic comes from people using mobile devices. That’s increased dramatically over the last few years; in 2015, that number was as low as 31.16%.

50. Companies that blog grow leads a huge 126% faster than companies that don’t blog.

There are some really interesting stats coming through from 2021 surveys which show the direction we are heading. Video is time consuming to create, but is really key to get more engagement from your audience. New emerging opportunities including TikTok and Instagram Reels are video-focused and growing rapidly in user figures.

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