New year – new strategy!  With marketing, you can’t stay still for long, make sure you’re up with the latest trends in advertising with our roundup of the expected hot trends for 2020….

Climate Concern

We’re finally moving to a time where Greta Thunberg is getting more column inches than Kim Kardashian, and brands are picking up on that. Consumers care about reducing, reusing and recycling – it’s a hot concern for your customers that could sway their purchase decisions over price-led strategies, so make sure you’re doing your part. 

Shout about your environmentally friendly practices in your marketing. Do you give a discount to customers reusing their containers? Use that in an ad! Think about how you can improve your business practices, from switching to paper carrier bags to donating to environmental causes, you’ll win brownie points with your target audience.

Loyalty Schemes

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for eCommerce businesses and physical stores to compete on price. It seems every inch of rolling countryside is being turned into an Amazon Warehouse, and with prices being driven down to their bare profit-lines, being the cheapest is harder than ever. 

Gaining customer loyalty by offering rewards for repeat purchases is something the major retailers have done for years successfully, so it’s worth considering for your business. The lifetime customer value you can build from offering points and discounts is invaluable, plus they’ll come to you direct with no ad spend cost for repeat purchases.

In-App Shopping

Surprisingly, many businesses still feel that Facebook and Instagram ads for their business are a waste of time as there is no trust, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Forbes, a whopping 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app. The functionality is improving constantly, allowing you to creatively display your products to your ideal audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest is often overlooked as a selling tool, however a recent survey of 4,000 Pinterest users actually found that 70% of users use the platform to find new and interesting products. 2020 is the time to review the channels you’re using and make sure you’re covering all bases.

It’s all about AR & VR in 2020

As technology moves on at a momentous pace, so must our businesses. Customers are no longer satisfied with basic images of products, especially when they’re treated to virtual reality and augmented reality by some retailers.

Ikea and several other furniture companies have a downloadable app which allows you to position what a piece of furniture will look like in your home, using your phone camera to overlay the new furniture in the room setting. Estate agents and architects are also benefitting from virtual reality for walkthroughs. Keep your finger on the pulse and brainstorm ways to implement new technology in your marketing strategy – it’s another great way to gain customers.

Content Marketing

With Google algorithms changing constantly to become more efficient at blocking out keyword stuffed websites, it’s more important than ever to provide quality content on your website.

Not only this, it’s a way to showcase your knowledge and speak to your customers. We’re time poor and often take a quick view on a companies credibility from their website and social content rather than arranging a call. Make sure you are shouting about your services and strengths online to increase your credibility.

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